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Information to help you prepare your will:

  • Preparing Your Will

    Discussions with your family and professional advisors will help you make decisions best suited to your needs and wishes.
  • Will Planning Questionnaire

    Consider what your estate is currently worth, but also consider future sources of wealth.
  • Seek Legal Advice

    You should meet with a legal advisor when you are ready to put it all together.


If you don't have a will...

  • Without a will, provincial law decides how your estate will be distributed and that may be very different from what you want.

  • Usually, your spouse receives a certain amount of your estate, and the balance is then divided among your spouse and children. Portions for children under 18 will probably have to be paid into court.

  • If you don't have children and if you aren't married, everything will usually go to your parents, brothers or sisters.

  • Our free workbook will help guide you through some of the most important decisions you need to make when planning your will. 


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