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Information to help you prepare your will:

  • Preparing Your Will

    Discussions with your family and professional advisors will help you make decisions best suited to your needs and wishes.
  • Will Planning Questionnaire

    Consider what your estate is currently worth, but also consider future sources of wealth.
  • Seek Legal Advice

    You should meet with a legal advisor when you are ready to put it all together.



If you don't have a will...

Without a will, provincial law decides how your estate will be distributed and that may be very different from what you want.

Usually, your spouse receives a certain amount of your estate, and the balance is then divided among your spouse and children. Portions for children under 18 will probably have to be paid into court.

If you don't have children and if you aren't married, everything will usually go to your parents, brothers or sisters.

Should you be looking for legal assistance to complete your will, FBC has forged a partnership with a leading Canadian legal firm, Miller Thomson, to offer preferred pricing on legal services for our Members.



FBC Financial & Estate Planning

Our Financial & Estate Planning advisor works with your FBC Local Tax Consultant to achieve your goals and objectives in the most cost and tax-effective manner.  Together we take into account both your personal and business needs and goals to arrive at a financial solution that addresses your specific situation. 

FBC Financial & Estate Planning is a division of FBC Canada's Farm and Small Business Tax Specialist.

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