Legal & Compliance

Legal & Compliance

To ensure compliance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations and avoid penalties, all incorporated Canadian businesses must file important legal documents and maintain a Minute Book. Are you prepared?

FBC Corporate Legal Compliance

Minute Book Maintenance For FBC Members

To ensure compliance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations and avoid penalties, all incorporated Canadian businesses must file important legal documents and maintain a Minute Book.

Always eager to make life easier for our Members, FBC can now take care of these documents while we prepare your taxes and file your annual returns.



Get Started With our Minute Book Maintenance at Your Next Appointment

Special Offer: We'll update your Minute Book and file annual returns each year for only $250*.

Government filing fees and permits not included, fees vary by province; additional FBC services fee of $50 per annual return filed for missing years; additional one-time FBC services fee of $500 to file articles of revival.

* With an additional $250 one time set-up fee.

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Maintaining your Minute Book

Maintaining your corporate minute book is required for CRA compliance, and keeping it up to date is essential if you wish to obtain a loan or other financing or sell your business. Let FBC manage the hassle of maintaining your Minute Book as we prepare your annual tax returns. And if you’re not up to date with your filings, we’ll get you there.


One-Time Setup

  • Review Minute Book for completeness
  • Upload existing documentation to electronic file
  • Update Minute Book with missing documents and resolutions from previous years
  • File annual returns for missing years*
  • File Trade Name Renewal if the trade name has expired*

Annual Maintenance

  • File your annual corporate return
  • Prepare annual basic Shareholder and Director Resolutions
  • Update your Minute Book
  • Act as your Registered Office for Service and Records
  • Securely store all documents online


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Minute Book Maintenance

A Minute Book contains legal documentation of a corporation’s important decisions and actions. They include:



Records of company details including bylaws, names of officers and directors



Responsibilities for key employees and authorized borrowers for the company


Company Decisions

Records of key company decisions including granting of shares, dividends and management bonuses.



Preferred Pricing for Legal Services

Miller Thomson Lawyer FBC Corporate Legal Services


Always looking to add value for our Members, FBC has forged a partnership with a leading Canadian legal firm, Miller Thomson, to offer preferred pricing for our Members.

As a full-service national, law firm with a team of 550 lawyers located across Canada, FBC Members throughout the country can have access to first-rate legal counsel at competitive pricing. FBC staff can connect you to Miller Thomson lawyers to get the best service and pricing.

Some of the services Miller Thomson LLP can provide:

  • Incorporating companies
  • Creating unanimous shareholder agreements
  • Establishing partnerships
  • Creating employee and independent contractor agreements
  • Executing the purchase or sale of land or assets
  • Preparing a Will
    (Request our Will Planning Workbook)

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