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Canadians Do Tax Season

A new generation of mobile tax tools for owner/operators of Canadian farms and small businesses.

At FBC, we're always looking for ways to life a little less taxing. FBC is a free smartphone app that helps Members organize, track and access their tax documents &emdash; any time, anywhere.

Available for Apple and Android phones, as an FBC Member, the FBC Tax Advantage app allows you to:

  1. Scan, upload and automatically attach tax slips, charitable donations, medical expense receipts and other tax documents to your FBC account.
  2. Check the status of your tax return and the outstanding documents or information required to complete it
  3. Capture medical travel receipts and records on the go
  4. Easily access and share tax documents, including tax returns and financial statements at any time
  5. Sign and approve tax documents on your phone
  6. Control notification preferences and other communications from FBC
  7. Get help from the FBC experts!

New Member Tax Profile

When you join FBC, we review your previous 3 years’ tax returns for an initial tax review of your situation.

We review your past income tax returns and notices of assessment, your existing business structure, and your personal and family tax situations and meet with you to discuss your short and long-term tax goals.

This builds a strong database for future analysis and helps us establish future tax-saving strategies for you, and ultimately ensures you are better off financially over the long term.

Free Phone Consultation

Find out how FBC can help you with managing your tax obligations, so you can focus on building your business and having the time to spend with the people that matter most to you.

Our small business tax planning approach aims to minimize your taxes, maximize your credits and protect your assets.

Connect with your Local Tax Consultant to learn more.

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