Trades Taxes

To help minimize how much income tax independent contractors pay to the CRA each year, they need to make the most of their deductions and other tax tips.
Here are some key difference between filing taxes as an employed contractor vs. a self-employed contractor.
While there are a lot of tax benefits to being a self-employed contractor in Canada there is also a lot to understand when it comes to the ever-changing tax code.
From 2007 to 2012, Canada's underground economy grew larger, increasing by 14%. CRA does devote a large amount of their resources to finding unreported income.
If you're a self-employed individual or own a small business, specifically a cash-based business, be aware that you're a prime candidate for a CRA tax audit.
Ontario and British Columbia renovation tax credits assist individuals 65 and over to make improvements to make their home safer and more accessible.
Do you have your papers and records ready for your 2013 tax return? It can be a hectic time getting ready and it’s easy to miss something. Use the following information to help you get ready.
Everyone working in Ontario in the construction industry must have WSIB workplace safety and insurance coverage.
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