Tax Preparation

There are few processes in life more frustrating than tax preparation. From filing to keeping track of receipts and slips, the rigmarole is enough to drive even the most well-adjusted, calm person crazy. As a farmer, you're probably very familiar with many of these annoyances. But with the proper planning, they don't have to be as "taxing" or trying of your patience.
The following are some ideas for how to make the most of the money you have coming to you.
Taxes can be hard to understand, you may have questions that you feel are too silly or simple to ask. Here are 5 tax questions that you may have always had but were afraid to ask.
There's one fact of life that a number of Canadian students, apparently, could use an additional lesson or two regarding: Taxes.
A CRA tax audit can be time consuming and take you away from your work. Here's a brief breakdown of how the audit process works, along with some tips on how you can avoid one.
Unlike in the US, mortgage interest on your principal residence isn't tax deductible; however there are still some tax advantages you could benefit from, specifically if you purchase a property to earn rental income.
When it comes to more specific assistance, the Canada Revenue Agency may not be the most reliable resource to turn to, based on an internal survey recently released.
You may have some questions about tax preparers that may have you wondering whether they're worthwhile. The following should hopefully provide you with some answers.
Read some of the more common tax questions about filing Canadian incomes taxes. The answers can help you avoid a tax audit or an unfavorable notice of assessment.
You may be wondering what happens if time gets the best of you and you file late taxes. Will the government forgive you? Not if forgiving means it won't cost you some money.
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