Tax Preparation

Nationwide, millions of small business owners - including farmers and truck owner operators - are now preparing to wind down their operations for the year.
Nationwide, millions of Canadians use tax preparation services every year without a single problem, and in fact, these relationships are usually quite beneficial.
A complete tax plan should include succession planning for your eventual retirement and passing on or wrapping up your farm or business.
While many farm owners and truck drivers may not think about it, even in late September, the consensus among small business tax experts is that now is the time to start tax preparations ahead of the April 30 deadline.
What do you have to do when you've been audited - and what rights do you retain throughout the process? FBC represents small business owners being audited by CRA.
Your calendar revolves around the planting season, not government program deadlines and taxes. This quick reminder of important dates for the year will help keep you growing and ensure you don't miss any tax deadlines which could incur interest and penalities.
The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) warns Canadians to be wary of correspondence claiming to be from the government. 
Bill C-691 looks to reform the Income Tax Act so business succession is less costly.
Here are 3 of the more common payroll blunders to be mindful about, according to the Canadian Payroll Association. 
Are the farmers of today ready to hand off their business to the generation of tomorrow? Apparently not, a new poll reveals.
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