Tax Preparation

What you need to know about the Canada Revenue Agency if you cannot afford or are unable to pay your tax bill.
There are a number of simple, effective money-saving strategies that small business owners can use to optimize their year-end tax planning.
Self-employed farmers need to report their income and losses to the Canada Revenue Agency just like any other business owner. But farmers also get special tax breaks.
There is a lot of confusion out there when it comes to filing taxes. Separating myth from fact can prevent you running afoul of Revenue Canada.
The R&D tax credit program can provide tax credits of 20% to 35% for eligible costs plus overhead, which helps businesses innovate and grow.
The Voluntary Disclosure Program is a great way for those in arrears with their taxes and who owe money to avoid penalties.
There are a large number of tax breaks that Canadian farmers can take advantage of to reduce their tax burden.
A year-end tax plan presents an opportunity for you to minimize your taxes and improve your financial position come tax season next spring; resulting in a larger tax return or at least a lot less tax owing.
To ensure you don't miss any tax obligations or tax filings for your small business, here is a list of tax dates including remittance payments, payroll deductions and GST/HST filings.
In some cases, the renovation expenses qualify for the medical expense tax credit and you can claim both the Home Accessibility Tax Credit and the medical expense tax credit.
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