Tax Planning

With any luck, Canadians will be as good at keeping track of their spending in the upcoming weeks as they were this past summer, according to Chartered Professional Accounts of Canada.
In Canada, all farmers must report their net income by year's end. CRA designed a form to assist farmers with reporting their income. Form T2042, Statement of Farming Activities
Tax deductions and other incentives that farmers can take advantage of in order to ensure their business is as cost-effective as possible.
Poor tax management can be a huge detriment to small business owners, so make sure you're prepared for the end of the tax year.
Recovery from the global recession hasn't been easy for Canadian manufacturers, but the government is offering help in the form of tax relief.
Chicken Farmers of Canada member provinces are expected to see an increase in chicken allocations, and Canadian farmers should be prepared for the uptick.
When you run a small business in Canada - regardless of what industry you operate within - you need to keep tax payments in mind all year round.
Product prices continue to drop for Canadian agriculture, meaning that farmers will likely have to find ways to save money through spending cuts and better tax planning.
When you run a business, there's something stressful you have to deal with every single year. That'd be your taxes.
The Canadian Trucking Alliance, in conjunction with the provincial trucking organizations, announced that National Trucking Week 2014 will take place from Sept. 7-12.
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