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FBC provides tax consultation to our farm and small business clients year-round.

While fewer individuals will be traveling on their breaks from work life over the holiday, those will be will be increasing how much they spend, based on recent polling data.
Whether you work for a business or you own one yourself, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't have a goal in mind. And at the beginning of the year, many resolve to improve their finances. However, as 2014 nears its conclusion, a new survey indicates that many Canadians didn't reach fiscal objective.
If business owners aren't careful, cutting corners and insufficient due diligence when hiring seasonal workers could put them at an increased risk of being hoodwinked by serial fraudsters.
The Ontario Trucking Association recently applauded the provincial government for attempting to make entry-level training mandatory.
Automated manual transmissions are growing in popularity within the North American trucking industry.
Most of the provinces in Canada have agreed to allow full-sized trailer tails on the road.
When you run a business, there's something stressful you have to deal with every single year. That'd be your taxes.
For many business owners and farmers, taxes is something that they only think about for a few weeks every year.
Farmers in Canada need to be taking steps that allow them to take advantage of the Canadian Capital Cost Allowance.
The Canadian farmer is faced with an increasingly challenging world. This FBC Infographic is dedicated to all the farmers in Canada and around the world.
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