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FBC provides tax consultation to our farm and small business clients year-round.

Nearly 9 in 10 small businesses believe premiers should make trade restrictions between provinces more lenient, according to a new poll conducted by CFIB.
Bill C-691 looks to reform the Income Tax Act so business succession is less costly.
More Ontario farmers are eligible to apply for the province's product insurance coverage to add to their farm risk management plan.
Here are 3 of the more common payroll blunders to be mindful about, according to the Canadian Payroll Association. 
Are the farmers of today ready to hand off their business to the generation of tomorrow? Apparently not, a new poll reveals.
The following are five technology tools that you can use to help make your farm a well-oiled machine:
The country's best and brightest will be taking over a farming industry that they'll have a lot of control over.
A business partnership is self-defining - it's where two or more people combine their resources in order to form a single unit.
There are a variety of factors to take into consideration to determine if sole proprietorship is the best business structure for you.
Do you know how to find qualified people to grow your business and what your obligations are when it comes to hiring new staff?
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