Small Business Taxes

While fewer individuals will be traveling on their breaks from work life over the holiday, those will be will be increasing how much they spend, based on recent polling data.
One of the best ways small business owners can plan ahead is by successfully preparing themselves for tax season, which is just around the corner. The following tips can facilitate getting a jump on the filing rush.

One of the biggest challenges that small business owners face today is time. Between running the business, taking care of the books and meeting all of the compliance and administrative requirements, most small business owners have precious few hours, or even minutes, to spare.

Perhaps you are trying to do the books and payroll yourself or you delegated these time-consuming tasks to someone in your family. You may be concerned whether your bookkeeping and payroll are being done accurately and timely to avoid penalties.

The following are a few tips that Realtors may be able to take advantage of to lower their overall tax burden and increase their tax deductions.
With all the rules and regulations it's crucial for transportation owner/operators to be organized when it comes to paperwork. This is especially true when it comes to financial records and bookkeeping, because before you know it, tax season will be upon us.
Poor tax management can be a huge detriment to small business owners, so make sure you're prepared for the end of the tax year.
Recovery from the global recession hasn't been easy for Canadian manufacturers, but the government is offering help in the form of tax relief.
Small businesses operating in Canada have the opportunity to file for tax credits that can lower payments or even earn tax rebates.
When you operate a transportation business, whether as an owner operator or with a fleet of drivers, the costs associated with driving truck  can pile up quickly.
If you're a self-employed individual or own a small business, specifically a cash-based business, be aware that you're a prime candidate for a CRA tax audit.
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