Small Business Taxes

You may be wondering what happens if time gets the best of you and you file late taxes. Will the government forgive you? Not if forgiving means it won't cost you some money.
Small business owners understand that one of the main factors employees take into consideration when determining what company they want to work for is salary, but what many small businesses may underestimate is the importance of maintaining a friendly atmosphere.
Small business owners are just as at risk as large companies, and based on a recent survey, less than half of Canadian-based organizations think they are winning the cyber security war.
The new year has arrived and many small business owners are resolving to get better organized in 2015. Increasingly, companies are transitioning to paperless documents, saving themselves on overhead while at the same time helping customers - be them consumers or other businesses - save space.
Incorporating is a decision that every company has to make at one point or another. If this is something that you've thought about, here are a few things you should take into consideration before you make the move.
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The following recommendations can help trucking firms adequately prepare for tax season.
Here are a few ways that owner operators and truck drivers can keep track of those everyday expenses that can ultimately be the difference between a profitable or loss-making year.
Avoiding these 7 mistakes will help small business owners prepare an accurate and complete tax return and help you ensure you receive all the credits and grants you're entitled to.
The following tips can help you keep your records and bookkeeping in order throughout the year so that you don't have to dread tax season.
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