Small Business Taxes

To ensure you don't miss any tax obligations or tax filings for your small business, here is a list of tax dates including remittance payments, payroll deductions and GST/HST filings.
Recent Manitoba budget reports that the financial situation for the province has worsened and the revised budget deficit for the 2015/16 fiscal year is now $1.011 billion which is up from the $422 million deficit predicted in last year’s budget.
If your business is audited by the CRA, there's a lot of processes that you're going to need to go through.
Voluntary disclosure can help you make things right with CRA and get caught up with back taxes. By filing your taxes you could also be benefiting from tax credits and tax programs that put you ahead financially.
The 2016 Federal Budget introduced draft legislation that will directly affect depreciation, Capital Cost Allowance (CCA), of intangible assets, such as, goodwill tied up in a farm or small business, licenses, customer lists, franchises, farm quotas or distribution rights.
Ignoring the CRA and filing your taxes can get you into a lot of trouble. Even if you don't owe taxes there are benefits you can receive by filing your income tax return each year.
With a focus on economic growth, youth, education and responsible fiscal management, Nova Scotia finances have strengthened with surpluses predicted for each year of the government’s 4-year fiscal plan. 2016 Nova Scotia budget.
7 reasons to help you decide if it's time to hire an accountant or tax professional to help you with your small business taxes and bookkeeping.
On April 14, 2016, the Honourable Joe Ceci, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance, presented his second budget and the second budget of Alberta’s NDP government.
As a self-employed individual, your deadline to file your 2015 return is midnight on June 16, 2015. Use this checklist to make sure you don't miss anything.
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