Small Business Taxes

There are many proposed small business tax changes which can lead to higher taxes; but 3 key items stand out for small business: Sharing Income, Excess Cash Reserves, and Dividends to Extended Family
There are four business types in Canada, understanding the differences can help a business limit liability, minimize taxes, and maximize assets.
In addition to helping prepare and file your annual income taxes, an accounting professional should look below the surface to see what help you need specifically for your small business.
The Canadian Revenue Agency has proposed legislation that will reduce or even eliminate many of the current tax benefits of a private corporation.
Business owners that do not file their tax returns or do not report all income can face stiff penalties or even prosecution. The tax experts at FBC will make sure that never happens.
Incorporating a small business gives you access to unique tax benefits that can save you thousands of dollars. Contact FBC to find out how.
Legal tax loopholes can help Canadian small business owners minimize their tax obligations and maximize their assets. Contact FBC to help reduce your business’s tax burden.
This small business tax workshop consists of a 30 minute presentation, followed by a question and answer period where you can get your tax questions answered by one of our local tax consultants.
Small business in Canada, regardless of size, must register their business to legally operate in the country. Depending on the business, location, etc., there are different licenses and permits required
The Saskatchewan Budget introduced in March 2017 changed the scope of the services that PST is to be charged on with most changes already effective April 1 2017.
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