Financial Planning

Farmers preparing their wills and succession plans should be aware of the details of the capital gains exemption and the capital gains deduction.
Explaining important functions that tax planners and managing accountants can help farms with.
No one enters a relationship with the plan to later part ways, but it does happen and there are tax consequences to consider if it does.
Running a trucking and transportation company is an all-day every-day sort of business. As an owner/operator you don't have much time left for your bookkeeping and taxes.
Though the year may only be a few weeks old, hopefully you've been able to take advantage of some of the tax tips for 2016 we've recently offered so you can put your business on the right course. If you're still looking for advice on how to further hone your financial state, these 5 concluding recommendations can help.
Bill C-691 looks to reform the Income Tax Act so business succession is less costly.
More Ontario farmers are eligible to apply for the province's product insurance coverage to add to their farm risk management plan.
Are the farmers of today ready to hand off their business to the generation of tomorrow? Apparently not, a new poll reveals.
The country's best and brightest will be taking over a farming industry that they'll have a lot of control over.
The following are some of truckers' more commonly overlooked tax deductions.
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