Farm Taxes

Canada took a positive step forward in an ongoing international legal dispute over country-of-origin labeling.
Chicken Farmers of Canada member provinces are expected to see an increase in chicken allocations, and Canadian farmers should be prepared for the uptick.
No matter what industry you work in, or what your job is, there are surely some tax breaks that you can obtain for yourself.
Tax season is still months away, but it's never too early to begin your preparations and getting your receipts and records in order.
Operating a farm in Canada can be a tough business, financially speaking, knowing what tax deductions are available can help increase your profits.
Do you have your papers and records ready for your 2013 tax return? It can be a hectic time getting ready and it’s easy to miss something. Use the following information to help you get ready.
The Canadian farmer is faced with an increasingly challenging world. This FBC Infographic is dedicated to all the farmers in Canada and around the world.
Some tips for Canadian farmers making the transition from cash accounting to accrual accounting to record income and expenses.

It'll be an eye-opener. Once an accrual accounting system is up and running, you'll be amazed by what it can tell you about your farm business.

Many farmers continue to report farm income on the cash method. If your farm is small and its activities don't change much from year to year, cash accounting can be quite adequate.

On the other hand, if your operation is growing and you're adding or changing your product mix and production processes, accrual accounting will be quite beneficial - if not essential - in managing your business effectively.

Many farmers use the cash method of accounting; however, there are benefits to using the accrual method of accounting.
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