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Effective Tax Planning Strategies for Canadian Farmers

Effective tax planning for Canadian farmers helps minimize the amount of after-tax income and maximize any tax obligations.

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Important Tax Obligations for Canadian Farmers

There are specific tax obligations that relate only to Canadian farm businesses and tax planning. Follow these important tax obligations for farm businesses in Canada.

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Benefits of Working with an Accountant for Your Farming Business

A tax consultant with extensive, first-hand knowledge of Canada’s complex farming tax code can help farmers reduce their taxes, grow their business, and stay profitable and competitive.

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Summary of 2017 Federal and Provincial Budgets

Review what tax credits stayed and which are removed from the recent federal and provincial budget releases. The good news is that most jurisdictions did not raise taxes.

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Facts About Full-Time, Part-Time, and Hobby Farming Taxes

Whether you operate a full-time, part-time, or hobby farm, there are unique farming tax deductions you need to be aware of.

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Importance of Keeping Good Farm Records and Accounting for Agricultural Businesses

Running a successful farm means being a good producer and being a financial manager. Keeping accurate records makes a farm more productive and profitable.

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When Should You Collect GST/HST?

Most sales are subject to GST/HST in Canada.
 However, the sale of most farm products are considered zero-rated. 
The challenge is that not all farm products are zero-rated, and the list is huge. 

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Business Taxes You Need To Pay If You Own a Farm

In addition to understanding farm tax deductions and credits, it’s important for farmers to understand what their farm business tax obligations are.

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Good Bookkeeping Key to Worry-Free Tax Preparation

Have good records and a record keeping system will help you understand and appropriately assess impacts of a decision on your income tax liability.

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Saskatchewan Budget Report 2017

The Saskatchewan budget presented on March 22, 2017 by Finance Minister Kevin Doherty includes material changes to personal, corporate and provincial sales tax rates.

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