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A secure area for FBC Members to access tax returns and financial documents. (We've added this screen to your log in process to allow us to provide important messages to you.)

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All FBC Members receive online access to your personal tax return(s) online via the secure Member Centre.

Tax Filing Deadlines

As a farm or business owner, the self employed filing deadline for you and your spouse is June 15, but if you have taxes owing they are due April 30 to avoid penalties and interest.

All resident corporations have to file a corporation income tax (T2) return no later than six months after the end of your fiscal year-end.

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Watch For Your Notice Of Assessment

Once you receive your Notice of Assessment, you should confirm that your tax return was assessed as filed or if it identifies any adjustments made by CRA.

The notice includes your taxable income (Line 150), allowable registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) contributions and tax-free savings account (TFSA) limit for the current year.

Your assessment also includes carry forward amounts that you can include on your next year’s tax return, such as unused tuition and education credits, and capital losses. It’s important to keep your Notice of Assessment in a safe place to refer to when your returns are prepared next year.

Contact us immediately if the numbers on your Notice of Assessment don’t agree with the numbers on your tax return.

If we’re not satisfied with the explanation on your assessment or feel CRA has interpreted a tax law incorrectly, we can handle an appeal on your behalf. The objection and appeal process can be complicated but this is part of your Membership and is provided by FBC at no extra cost to you.

Any notice of objection must be filed within one year from the filing deadline of the tax return in question or 90 days of the CRA mailing your Notice of Assessment, whichever is later, so be sure to contact your local FBC office.