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Mon, 08/12/2019 - 04:16

We've prepared a tax toolkit full of easy-to-use strategies and tips for small business owners. Inside the toolkit, you'll find out how to prepare for the tax deadline and avoid CRA penalties. We'll teach you how to maximize tax credits and deductions. And we'll provide an overview of the paperwork you're required to keep by law as a business owner.


The practical toolkit explains what documents, slips and receipts you need to gather as a small business owner. Keep on top of your paperwork with printable checklists that will help you stay organized. By using the toolkit, you'll be more confident in gathering what you need for filing.

Download your toolkit and learn :

  • Urgent tax deadlines 
  • 2019 tax changes that will impact your small business tax return
  • Our top tax deductions for self-employed individuals and small business owners
  • What documents, slips and receipts you need to justify income and expenses

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