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Understand the tax ramifications of shareholder loans to avoid significant taxes owing

Corporation Loans Count as Taxable Income

Nov 22, 2017
When shareholders borrow money from a corporation, that money is generally considered taxable income. But this rule, like many CRA rules, has exceptions.

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How Small Business Owners Can Pay Less Tax

Nov 15, 2017
Using the tax professionals at FBC can help Canadian small business owners maximize their deductions and credits and minimize their tax burden.

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BC Wildfire Recovery Programs Available for Farmers, Small Business Owners and Families

Nov 09, 2017
To assist families and businesses in recovering from the damages caused by emergencies both this year and in future years, the Province is developing a recovery plan and working to deliver support as and where they are needed.

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What to Expect from Accounting Professionals Regarding Your Family Business Taxes

Nov 08, 2017
Accounting professionals can help family run businesses in Canada manage their business accounts, minimize taxes, maximize profits, and save money.

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Expert Tips for Filing Your Business Taxes

Oct 25, 2017
General tax tips can help Canadians save thousands of dollars come tax time. When it comes to filing more complicated business taxes, call the tax professionals at FBC.

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Fall Economic Update from Canada’s Finance Minister

Oct 24, 2017
Canada Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s fall economic makes consequential adjustments to the dividend tax credit rate and enhances the Canada Child Benefit, in addition to confirming the recent updates around the July 19 consultation paper on small business corporation tax loopholes.

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Converting Regular Income to Capital Gains

Oct 19, 2017
Government not moving forward with small business tax measures relating to the conversion of income into capital gains.

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Proposed Changes to How Passive Income is Taxed

Oct 18, 2017
Finance Minister Bill Morneau issued an announcement outlining how he intends to proceed with changes to how passive income earned in private companies is taxed.

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Small Business Tax Savings for Farmers

Oct 18, 2017
The income for Canadian farmers is rising. So too is the value of their machinery and equipment. The tax consultants at FBC can help farm operators take advantage of the various tax savings and deductions available to them.

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Changes to the Federal Tax Proposals Announced

Oct 16, 2017
While the government stated that it is committed to its proposed private company tax measures to address tax planning involving income sprinkling effective January 1, 2018, it is cancelling changes to limit access to the Lifetime Capital Gains Exemption (LCGE).

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