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National Trucking Week to Begin Sept. 7

The Canadian Trucking Alliance, in conjunction with the provincial trucking organizations, announced that National Trucking Week 2014 will take place from Sept. 7-12. 

The event is held in order to acknowledge everything that Canada's 400,000 trucking industry workers do in order to keep freight in motion, according to a press statement from the CTA. Additionally, provincial associations, carriers, industry suppliers and all others involved in the country's trucking sector have been encouraged to mark the event with their own celebrations. 

In Canada, the trucking industry is worth $54.7 billion annually, according to Truck News. Over 260,000 drivers move 90% of all consumer products and foods within the country.

The CTA believes  that the trucking center's contributions are responsible for the high quality of life that many Canadians enjoy, Truck News explained.

"The work these men and women do is invaluable, because it is thanks to their dedication that groceries get to the supermarket; gasoline is delivered to the local gas station; and the goods Canadians produce make it to markets, across the border and overseas," David Bradley, the chief executive officer of the CTA, told the publication. "It is the people of the trucking industry, whether they work behind-the-scenes or over-the-road, who are the backbone of the economy." 

In the past industry stakeholders have celebrated the event with BBQs, breakfasts, truck washes, and special giveaways. In addition, special events have been held at truck stops and roadside inspection stations. 

In addition, National Trucking Week will play a vital role in disseminating information about the role of the trucking industry, as well as road safety, to the public. Every year a date is chosen by the CTA and the seven provincial trucking associations in Canada. 

So let the truckers enjoy National Trucking Week, and continue to focus on distributing the products Canada needs, and leave the tax planning to FBC.

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