Lunch & Learn: Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

Lunch & Learn: Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

We offer Lunch & Learn sessions across Canada on various topics for small business owners. Watch for more info on upcoming times in your area.

If you have an organization or business group that you would like to invite us to present at, let us know.

We work with thousands of small business owners like you every day.  Join us over your lunch hour to learn about your tax responsibilities. 

The workshop consists of a 30 minute presentation, followed by a question and answer period where you can get your tax questions answered by one of our experts. 

And lunch is on us!

Tax Tips for Small Business Owners

We discuss:

  • - Deductions (truck, home office, client relationship expenses, etc.)
  • - Minimum Records (keeping receipts, truck mileage log)
  • - Audits (How to avoid one, and what happens during an audit)


Get in touch with your local tax consultant to learn about an upcoming session in your area or to request one.


"Try to save something while your salary is small; it’s impossible to save after you begin to earn more." — Jack Benny