How FBC helps transportation professionals

Running a trucking and transportation company is an all-day every-day sort of business.

As an owner/operator, you have a number of truck drivers to manage, and they each bring with them their own responsibilities: you need to make sure pick-ups and drop-offs are made on time, and you also need to make sure lodging, meals and numerous other amenities are ready and available to truck drivers throughout this process.

Even with one truck, you are going to have numerous small expenses - not just meals and lodging, but all other costs in between pick-up and the destination.

A lot of these costs can be recouped via tax deductions at the end of the reporting year. Unfortunately, many businesses aren't entirely aware of that fact.

A significant portion of your costs could theoretically be deducted from your tax payments. Businesses that fail to take advantage of these deductions are destined to have more money problems than those that are aware of the tax laws - after all, they have much less money to "play with" at the end of a given year.

However, the trucking and transportation businesses that do pay significant attention to their taxes are sure to thrive as a result. They'll be economically efficient, not letting a single dollar of profit slip by.

But then, the question remains: how can you run a trucking business that takes up all of your time, and still set aside the hours and days needed to learn about and to take advantage of all the potential tax deductions?

With Help from FBC, Transportation Companies Can Make More Money

FBC can help truck owner/operators in numerous ways.

First off, our tax planning services can make sure that all your expenditures are planned to earn you the most tax deductions possible - and that will put your finances in a better position than ever before.

If that's not enough, we can offer bookkeeping services to ensure that your firm's finances are in order all year round.

Better yet, if you run into any trouble at the end of the year, we'll be there to help - FBC gives a guarantee to all of our clients: We will represent you in the case of an audit.

Most importantly, FBC allows trucking and transportation owner/operators to do what they do best. You handle your trucks, and we'll handle your finances.

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