What You Need to Know About a CRA Audit

May 25, 2016
If your business is audited by the CRA, there's a lot of processes that you're going to need to go through.

Tags: Audit Representation, Small Business Taxes

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Benefits of Getting Caught Up With Unfiled Tax Returns

May 18, 2016
Voluntary disclosure can help you make things right with CRA and get caught up with back taxes. By filing your taxes you could also be benefiting from tax credits and tax programs that put you ahead financially.

Tags: Audit Representation, Small Business Taxes, Tax Preparation

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What are Your Rights and Responsibilities During an Audit?

Jul 27, 2015
What do you have to do when you've been audited - and what rights do you retain throughout the process? FBC represents small business owners being audited by CRA.

Tags: Audit Representation, Tax Consultation, Tax Preparation

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Frequently Asked Questions: CRA audits

Jul 15, 2015
The prospect of being selected for an audit by the CRA is likely a scary one for many business owners.

Tags: Audit Representation, Tax Planning

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All Small Business Owners Should Be Expecting a Call from CRA

Oct 06, 2014
If you're a self-employed individual or own a small business, specifically a cash-based business, be aware that you're a prime candidate for a CRA tax audit.

Tags: Audit Representation, Trades Taxes, Small Business Taxes

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Taxpayers vs. CRA: The Audit Battle in Canada [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jul 11, 2013
As CRA mails Notice of Assessments back to taxpayers and small businesses, we started wondering about stats around Audits and Tax Debt -- our new [INFOGRAPHIC] shows some alarming trends!

Tags: Audit Representation

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Fix your Tax Return. Or Else, Prepare to Face a CRA Audit.

May 27, 2013
Tax returns that contain errors are not uncommon. If you catch one on your tax return, resist the temptation to ignore it. Or else, prepare to face a CRA audit.

Tags: Audit Representation, Tax Preparation

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WSIB Bill 119 Will Impact All Construction Businesses in Ontario

Jan 07, 2013
Everyone working in Ontario in the construction industry must have WSIB workplace safety and insurance coverage.

Tags: Audit Representation, Trades Taxes

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