While there are a lot of tax benefits to being a self-employed contractor in Canada there is also a lot to understand when it comes to the ever-changing tax code.
On September 11, 2017, Finance Minister Carol James tabled the province’s fiscal budget update that contains several tax measures affecting individuals and corporations.
There are four business types in Canada, understanding the differences can help a business limit liability, minimize taxes, and maximize assets.
In addition to helping prepare and file your annual income taxes, an accounting professional should look below the surface to see what help you need specifically for your small business.
The Canadian Revenue Agency has proposed legislation that will reduce or even eliminate many of the current tax benefits of a private corporation.
Small business tax tips and free lunch on August 23 at the Smoky Lake Curling Club in Smoky Lake, Alberta. All farmers, small business owners and self-employed individuals invited.
Business owners that do not file their tax returns or do not report all income can face stiff penalties or even prosecution. The tax experts at FBC will make sure that never happens.
The federal and provincial governments in Canada provide farmers with many different grants, subsidies, and contributions. Be sure you're taking advantage of all of them.
Farmers preparing their wills and succession plans should be aware of the details of the capital gains exemption and the capital gains deduction.
Incorporating a small business gives you access to unique tax benefits that can save you thousands of dollars. Contact FBC to find out how.