Advanced Tax Optimization for Members

Meet ATOM. ATOM is a Labrador Retriever.

Like a loyal retriever, when you have FBC as your tax specialist, we stand by you, your business, and your family through anything CRA can throw at you.

Our strength comes from our team of tax experts and our specialized tax software, ATOM. “ATOM” stands for Advanced Tax Optimization for Members.

It’s exclusive to Members of FBC.

  • ATOM is cutting edge proprietary software
  • Created using 40 years of FBC tax optimization strategies and knowledge
  • ATOM doesn’t get tired and follows a systematic approach every time.
  • ATOM evaluates 100s of tax scenarios in minutes to provide the best tax return and most tax savings for you.

We review your tax information and input it into ATOM, which evaluates and considers hundreds of different tax benefit combinations in order to provide you with the best possible long term tax result.

atomATOM considers over 50 unique and valuable tax opportunities to provide hundreds of variations that would take a person hours to evaluate using commercial tax software.

We choose the best option for your circumstances and prepare your final tax return on that basis. We look at the best long-term use of credits and deductions. Our goal is to minimize your taxes not just today, but over the long run and ATOM improves our ability to do this.

Of course, we continually review tax laws and changes and update the software to ensure the newest exemptions are applied.

The FBC tax engine is unmatched in its ability to store and interpret both current and historical tax-related data.ff the S

  ATOM Off the Shelf
Accounting Software
Prepares Tax Return X X X
Uses 100% of Tax Law on Every Return X X X
Updated Regularly with New Tax Law X X  
Never Tires or Makes Errors X X  
Uses Every Special Expense and Deduction X   X
Operated in Minutes to Find the Best Return X X  
Up to 1,000 Tax Scenarios to Find the Best Return X    
Two Step Process with Tax Guard to Ensure the Correct Information is Collected Everytime X    
Includes Social Benefits (e.g., OAS) X    

ATOM in Action

Recently FBC Members sold some farm property for a significant gain of over $700,000.

  • The husband’s reportable income was $10,000
  • The wife had an income of $50,000

What did ATOM Find vs. Others?

Using competing accounting software on the setting “reduce tax payable”, the competitor software found that the husband had combined taxes of over $15,000 payable!

Using the same information, ATOM applied just enough of the non-capital losses incurred over the previous years to the result of a $5,000 net refund in taxes between the two tax returns!

ATOM had put $20,000 more dollars in the Member’s pocket ($5,000 refund versus $15,000 payable) that our competition could not find!

FBC Members benefit from our proprietary tax system that stays current with the latest tax changes and that analyzes dozens of scenarios to ensure that your Canadian income tax return is further optimized to meet your personal and farm or small business situation and put more money in your pocket this year and over the long term.

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation. We’ll meet you at a time and location that is most convenient to you.