APAS Members Save on Taxes with FBC

Have you filed your taxes yet?

Are you behind on your taxes? Have you not filed in the past couple of years? Not a worry! We can make sure you are all caught up as well.

As a Farm owner, if you’re not incorporated, you have until June 15 to file your personal tax return to the CRA; however, if you owe taxes they must have been paid by April 30 to avoid interest.

Complimentary Year-End Advanced Tax Planning Service

Agricultural Producers Association of Saskatchewan

As an APAS member you qualify for some unique bonuses!

When you sign up with FBC and mention your APAS membership we will give you a choice of one of the below additional services for your first year of Membership!

Choose from:

  1. easyrecordbooks™ Pro - 3 months of easyrecordbooks professional bookkeeping and payroll (min. $300 value)
  2. $300 discount on FBC Membership
  3. $100 VISA gift card

To choose your free bonus and to learn how FBC can help your farm business, contact Grant Diamond, 1-800-265-1002.

FBC, Canada’s Farm & Small Business Tax Specialist™ since 1952

FBC has been in business for over 60 years. Our unique Membership model provides unique services specific to farm and small business owners:

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Preparation
  • Audit Protection
  • Consultation
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll
  • Financial And Estate Planning

We represent 19,000 farms and small businesses nationally and 3800 in Saskatchewan.

How You Can Benefit from an FBC Membership

Over the long term, FBC Members are better off financially as a direct result of their membership in FBC.

This is because:

  • We provide our Members a personalized tax strategy, and through our proprietary tax engine, we prepare tax returns that make the most of the Members’ business situation and optimize their tax position year over year.
  • We provide audit protection as part of membership. If you're audited by CRA, as a Member with FBC we'll represent you, all the way to tax court if warranted. We cover all court costs and legal fees. All of this is included at no additional cost to you.
  • We'll meet with you in your home or place of business. This saves you time and  money, and ensures that nothing gets missed. By doing this, you receive a complete and accurate tax return, and we are better able to capitalize on all available deductions, credits and entitlements.

See what our Members have to say about FBC.

 To learn how FBC can help your farm business, contact Grant Diamond, 1-800-265-1002.

Download a Sheet with Advanced Tax Planning Tips for Farmers.

"We have a farm and a business and we’ve been using FBC for a number of years now. It’s really good because you have the same accountant all the time, you can pass ideas through them. My accountants name is Matt and they are very professional, reliable, quick. It’s way better than doing it yourself. I highly recommend them."
- Karen Plunkett, Elgin, ON