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Farm Tax Specialists

Pay. Less. Tax.

As a farmer you work hard for your money and our farm tax specialists work hard to ensure you keep as much of it as possible.

For over 60 years we've been helping farmers like you to minimize taxes and maximize credits through tax preparation, tax planning, bookeeping and financial planning.

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11,000 farmers across Canada benefit from working with FBC.
Last year, FBC Members saved a combined $28 Million.

Farm Risk Management

We can help you apply for and process claims for most of the federal and provincial programs that manage your farm risk management like Growing Forward 2, AgriInvest, AgriStability, AgriInsurance and AgriRecovery.

We keep current on government tax laws and programs affecting farms and can advise you on actions needed to get the full benefit from any government changes.

FBC Farm Members Benefit
from Support Managing Farm Risk with AgriStability
  • 23% of FBC Farm Members choose to participate in AgriStability
  • 17% of FBC Farm Members participating receive benefit
  • Average AgriStability payout was $21,093
  • Total AgriStability payouts to FBC Farm Members last year was $7.6 million

Learn More About Managing Your Farm Risk

Farming in Canada: The Biggest risks and How to Mitigate Them Nothing can get in the way of weather's wrath. This eBook looks at the risk trends of the farming industry today and options you have as a farmer to make sure your business thrives in good times and in bad.

Farming in Canada: The Biggest Risks and How to Mitigate Them [eBook]!

Cash Method of Accounting

If you have a valid farming business you can use cash accounting for your tax reporting. It's a simple system in which you report income in the fiscal period in which you receive it and deduct expenses in the fiscal period you pay them.

FBC is a Proud Partner of Ag More Than Ever

We can help you determine if cash accounting or accrual accounting is best for you and help you switch if it makes sense for your farm operation.

We’ll meet you on your farm, get to know you and your operation, and go through your records. With that understanding and our knowledge of farm tax strategies, we’ll minimize your taxes and save you money.

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"I’d advise anyone to use easyrecordbooks. It makes my life easy and my business run smoothly. It’s a free service [for FBC Members] and I believe that everyone should take advantage of it. They will love it once they get on it."
- Larry Vyse, Vyse Mechanical