Accounting and Tax Services for Farmers and Small Business Owners

FBC’s suite of accounting and tax services goes well beyond tax preparation and tax compliance.

Save with a Year-Round Tax Planning

All new FBC Members receive a review of your previous 3 years’ tax returns for an initial tax review of your situation.

Last year our Members saved a combined $27 million in taxes.

Learn How You Can Build Wealth With Tax Planning!

Our “Cycle of Service” addresses your small business accounting and tax needs throughout the year, through all stages of your life and business.

Tax Planning

Small Business Tax PlanningPlanning is the most important step. Based on your financial goals, tax history, family and business situation, we help you develop a personal tax strategy that maximizes your tax savings today and over the long run.

An advance tax planning report performed before your fiscal year-end can help you make some important tax-management decisions to save money. With careful planning, it's amazing how much you can reduce your tax bill. But don't wait until the tax deadline - many strategies need to to be done before your year-end.

Our Early Tax Call (ETC) allows us to work with you to forecast your year-end financial position and provide you with personalized tax-saving strategies based on your business and financial goals. We essentially complete your tax return in advance of your year-end to identify actions you can take now while they can still affect your current year’s taxes. This presents opportunities for you to minimize your taxes and improve your financial position. 

Tax Consulting

Small Business Tax ConsultingFarm and small business consultation is critical to ensure that your personal accounting and tax strategy is continually updated to reflect your changing business situation and personal goals. We'll meet with you at your place of business, home or other location that is convenient for you.

In addition to the services we provide during your annual tax appointment, we have knowledgeable small business consultants whose expertise can help you when considering important business decisions throughout the year.

Tax Preparation

Small Business Tax PreparationFollowing your financial year-end, we come to your business or home to collect all of the data necessary to complete your income tax returns, as well as financial statements and year-end GST/HST returns. 

Our representative tracks down any missing data so the results are in balance before the appointment is finalized. This ensures we don’t miss any items, including tax-saving opportunities, when completing your income tax return.

FBC is the only tax services company that completes a Source and Application of Funds to support its data collection. This report – done at the end of the T1 personal data collection process – lists all personal and business cash receipts (source), as well as where every dollar went (application).

Along with your completed income tax return, you’ll receive financial statements for all businesses with annual sales of $5,000 or greater. You can choose the financial statement format most suitable for your business: basic accrual, enhanced accrual or cash to accrual.

Audit Protection

Small Business Audit RepresentationYou have the peace of mind knowing that we stand behind the small business accounting and tax solutions that we prepare for you. We’ll reimburse you should you ever be charged penalties caused by FBC errors. 

FBC will act as a buffer between you and the CRA. You’ll never have to deal with government officials alone. As long as you remain an FBC Member, we will act as your audit representative on any challenge of your returns for income tax or GST/HST.

Our service guarantee includes audit protection and if you're audited by the CRA we'll represent you at no extra cost to you. If you’re audited or challenged by CRA on a tax return, we’ll represent you – all the way to tax court if necessary. And we’ll cover the court costs and legal fees.


Amall Business Bookkeeping and AccountingA good bookkeeping solution is critical in managing the financial aspects of your farm or small business. Bookkeeping could be the second most important thing you need to do to manage a successful farm or small business. Unfortunately, bookkeeping and accounting tasks can be time consuming and take you away from more important things.

Whether you just want an online accounting system to help you with your small business bookkeeping, or you want a hands-off bookkeeping and accounting system where someone else handles your record keeping and paperwork, we have a solution.

bookFBC Members receive free access to easyrecordbooks™ cloud bookkeeping system. It's ideal for small business owners who want an easier alternative to other more complicated bookkeeping software and the flexibility of a cloud solution. It includes payroll integration and allows up to 15 users.

easyrecordbooks is integrated with FBC’s tax preparation systems so you can authorize FBC to access your online files real-time so we can better serve you.

Financial & Estate Planning

Financial and Estate PlanningFinancial and Estate PlanningA financial and estate plan is a powerful personal and business management tool that you can benefit from today and in the future. It's a planned approach to growing asset value and protecting your hard-earned assets from creditors and CRA.

Our FBC Financial & Estate Planning advisors can help you make the right decisions about insurance and investment products. Working with your FBC tax specialist we take into account both your personal and business needs and goals to arrive at a financial solution that addresses your specific situation.

FBC Financial & Estate Planning Services is a division of FBC, Canada’s Farm and Small Business Tax Specialist™.


FBC’s unique Membership model takes a long-term, year-round approach to cover your needs through all stages of your life, minimizing your taxes year after year. This is provided to you at one straight-forward annual fee. This makes us the preferred alternative to the traditional accountant.

We help you throughout the year, not just with tax preparation, but also with ongoing business consulting and planning to minimize your taxes. We develop personalized tax strategies that maximize your tax savings and credit entitlements today and over the long run. This approach means that our Members are better off financially, over the long term.

FBC was the first to develop the concept and is the only Canada-wide firm to offer integrated accounting and tax services throughout the year, providing our farm and small business Members with cost certainty.

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"FBC has helped to ensure our company is running as efficiently as possible. The FBC team is very approachable; we feel confident in relying on FBC to assist with making important business decisions to better improve our company. They take the time to understand what is important to us, and make a point to ensure we understand their advice and suggestions. We also very much appreciate how the FBC team makes themselves available to meet where works for us. Thanks FBC!"
- Julia Ostrowski, Communications Coordinator, Chris Hadfield Inc.