FBC TaxAdvantage

FBC TaxAdvantage

Your Trusted Tax Advisor is Now Just One Click Away

FBCAdvantage Phoen App: Changing the way you do tax season.

Available only to FBC Members, FBC TaxAdvantage mobile phone app puts you in control - making your annual tax preparation easier and more convenient.

With FBC TaxAdvantage you can monitor the status of tax return – knowing which information or documents have been submitted to your FBC file and which are needed to complete your return.

Upload images of your tax slips, expense receipts, charitable donations or medical expenses directly into your FBC tax preparation file - anywhere, anytime.

  • No more scraps of paper in a shoe box
  • No more lost receipts and no more lost deductions

As a business owner, FBC TaxAdvantage means you spend less time on paperwork and data entry, and more time focused on running your business and doing the things you love.

FBC TaxAdvantage is an easy way to ensure you hold on to more of your hard-earned money.

Your tax information is automatically (and securely) loaded into our proprietary software allowing FBC to calculate the maximum tax savings for you, just like we’ve always done.

With FBC TaxAdvantage you and your FBC Trusted Tax Advisor will spend more time discussing and planning future tax saving strategies and less time organizing receipts and data entry. The end result – a more efficient and convenient way to long-term tax savings.

Convenience with safety and security built in. FBC TaxAdvantage has been developed with bank-level security. That means you can rest easy knowing your tax and personal information are protected while keeping you constantly connected to the team at FBC.

What FBC Mobile can do for you:

  • Give you a clear view of the status of your tax return and the information required by FBC to complete your return
  • Upload and automatically include tax slips, charitable donations, medical expense receipts and other tax documents in your FBC-prepared tax return
  • Easily capture medical travel records and other receipts on the go simply by taking a picture
  • See date of your next booked appointment and request a reschedule, if needed
  • Access and easily share your tax documents, including tax returns and financial statements at any time
  • Directly control your notification preferences and other communications from FBC
  • Schedule a direct response from an appropriate team member at FBC

The app is free but for security purposes it requires a Member PIN provided by FBC to register and access your tax information.

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View the FBC Advantage user guide to see how easy it is to organize, track and access your tax files.



Watch a few short videos on how to use the FBC TaxAdvantage phone app